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Laser Dentistry

Equipped with laser technology (ND:Yag,Er:Yag and soft tissue diode laser) ,we can offer more and better treatment options  resulting in delivery of the very best, state of the art care possible for our patients.

Imagine having a filling with no pain, no shots, no scary drilling sounds or vibrations. These are often the scariest things about going to your dentist. The dream is here.

With hard/soft tissue laser (Nd:Yag & Er:Yag), we can perform many treatments with reduced pain, improved precision, and often without the need for local anesthetic. Minimally invasive root canal and periodontal treatment can be done without major discomfort.

Patients will experience less pain with lasers, and will heal more rapidly than with more traditional treatment methods. This makes laser dentistry the perfect option for those who have treatment anxiety.

In the end, dentistry is all about the patient and keeping up with new technology to improve comfort and better treatment results.

Here’s how patients benefit from laser usage:

Fear of needles: The best performing dental lasers can be used to perform almost all common cavity preparation procedures without the need for patient anesthesia. Patients don’t like injections, even when they don’t hurt!

Convenience of treatment- A good quality laser with soft tissue surgery capability allows many soft tissue procedures to be done with little or no bleeding, less post operative discomfort and faster healing time due to a laser’s ability to coagulate as it cuts.

Soft tissue laser treatment: Both the diode and Nd:Yag laser can be used to perform frenectomy & frenotomy, gum contouring, laser gum treatment, treatment of aphthous ulcers, soft tissue crown lengthening, exposure of unerupted teeth, incision & drainage of abscess, fibroma removal, treating teeth sensitivity and painful ulcers. Laser surgical procedures improves healing time, reduces post-operative discomfort and also reduces the likelihood of bacterial infection.

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

SmileSmart Dental utilizes a Diode laser and Nd:Yag for non surgical gum treatment. The use of a laser in addition to scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) improves the effectiveness of this gum treatment. When used properly, in the course of periodontal therapy, lasers result in less bleeding, swelling and discomfort to the patient during surgery.

According to the Academy of Laser Dentistry, laser gum treatment offers several benefits, including:

A reduced need for local anesthesia or sedation dentistry

Minimal bleeding of the gums

Controlled swelling

Less postoperative discomfort

faster recovery time

How does does it work?

The diseased tissue are removed helping to decontaminate infected pockets that form between the teeth and gums. The laser is used to apply a small amount of light energy between the gum and tooth in the infected area, vaporizing the diseased tissue on the inside of the pocket and helping to reduce the bacteria colony.

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Our laser root canal treatment is performed using the PIPS™ procedure to chemically clean and debride the root canal system. Using ER: YAG laser energy, we create photoacoustic shock waves that effectively clean the root canal system.

The PIPS procedure was developed by Dr. Enrico DiVito, along with his research team at Medical Dental Advanced Technologies Group, LLC; and with assistance from Dr. Mark Colonna.

Benefits of Laser Root Canal Treatment

Laser root canal treatment has less filing and more efficient cleaning in the root canals than conventional drilling. This significantly reduces the time you spend in the dental chair, as well as the level of discomfort you experience. In addition, you may find that you experience reduced anxiety during the process due to the lack of drilling sounds and vibration that exists in conventional treatment.

In addition to the in-chair benefits, patients will often experience significantly less post operative discomfort.

Laser Fillings

Imagine having a filling with no pain, no shots, no scary drilling sounds or vibrations. These are often the scariest things about going to your dentist. There's no need to imagine it. Come and experience it at SmileSmart Dental.

What Is Laser Drilling

We us our hard/soft tissue laser instead of a rotary tool to prepare the tooth for the filling. This process is safe and effective, and brings dentistry into the 21st century.

Benefits of Laser Drilling

There are many benefits to laser dental restoration.

Cavity preparations performed with lasers generally preserve more healthy tooth structure, and avoid the micro-cracking of healthy enamel associated with dental handpiece use. This allows better bonding with tooth colored resin.

The anxiety experienced during fillings is dramatically reduced utilizing laser technologies. Even children find that there is significantly less pain, fear, and anxiety when preparing a filling with the laser instead of a rotary handpiece. With no noise, and no vibrations, it is a much more comfortable experience.

In many cases, you will not even require a shot to numb the area. This can further reduce your discomfort and anxiety -- especially if you are scared of needles!