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Neromuscular Dentistry

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Neuromuscular Approach in Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is the science-based philosophy that has brought further understanding of muscle physiology into clinical dentistry.

We use J5 Myomonitor TENS unit in the clinic.  It is a muscle stimulator used to create a physiologically relaxed state of the muscles of mastication. It is used in our office procedures for occlusal adjustment , bite registration and treatment of some types of TMD dysfunction and associated pain and taking the record for AgilityGuard™.

Migraines, Tension headaches, Jaw & facial pain, Clenching, Bruxism, TMD

If you have symptoms recurring or constant headaches, sinus, jaw or facial pain give us a call today. We want to help you choose a splint for your symptoms.

Below are information of some of the splints we used.


NTI-tss Plus & NTI-tss Plus Soft

The NTI-tss, NTI-tss Plus Soft splint is effective for relieving headaches, jaw pain and facial pain symptoms.

It can be used for bruxism, clenching, and TMD patients.

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Splint, nightguard, bruxism,orthotics

Night Guard/ Comfort Splint

The night guard is worn most often to protect the teeth from mild bruxism concerns. Night guards can also be used in more severe TMJ cases by allowing the muscles to relax and reduce firing

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Splint, nightguard, TMD, TMJ splint

The Bryan Ramp

It is a comfortable maxillary night guard that eliminates nighttime clenching.  It protects your teeth from damage due to clenching and grinding, reduces neck and shoulder stiffness, morning low-grade headaches and facial tension.

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Sports Guard


AgilityGuard™-Sports mouthguard: optimizing sports performance. AgilityGuard™ is a high quality mouthguard providing both protection and performance benefits at an excellent value.

No matter what sport you play, the science behind AgilityGuard™ can help to transform you from an ordinary player to an EXTRAORDINARY ATHLETE.

Dr Reid is a certified provider with AgilityGuard™, and offers the PHI & TROPHY AgilityGuard™. The PHI & TROPHY AgilityGuard™ will provide significant and natural enhancements to your sports performance potential.

With techniques developed by renowned neuromuscular dentist Dr. Clayton Chan - the pioneer of Optimized-Bite ™, each Phi AgilityGuard™ & Trophy Agility Guard is customed fit in your mouth for optimum sports performance.

PHI & TROPHY AgilityGuard™

PHI AgilityGuard™

The PHI AgilityGuard™d offers superior sports perfomance benefits to a wide range of amateur and competitive athletes wanting to optimize and enhance their performance. The PHI AgilityGuard™ fabrication process involves scientific principles and optimal alignment techniques developed by Dr. Clayton. PHI AgilityGuard™is custom fit to approximate each individual's unique "optimal signature alignment" - an optimised lower jaw position that unlocks your true athletic potential. The process of determining your Phi bite is less complex than that of other AgilityGuard™ bites, and is intended to reflect an approximation of your Optimized Bite.

PHI AgilityGuard™ costs less than the TROPHY AgilityGuard™.

The Phi AgilityGuard™ has been shown to provide significant, and natural, enhancements to sports performance potential. It is a valuable and affordable option for athletes seeking improved performance.

TROPHY AgilityGuard™

The TROPHY AgilityGuard™ is the top of the line in performance mouthguards designed for professional and competitive athletes that demand the highest performance standards. If you are aiming for the ultimate performance, the TROPHY AgilityGuard™ is for you. To give your maximum power & effort in your sporting activities,

at the highest levels of sports, when only the best will do, the Trophy AgilityGuard must be considered essential equipment.

The Trophy AgilityGuard™ is designed for those who strive for the highest performance standards. Using the highly-refined techniques developed by Dr. Chan, and specialized technology to accurately find an optimized position of the lower jaw, each Trophy AgilityGuard™ is calibrated to optimal standards. The process of obtaining your Trophy bite is more complex than that of your Phi bite.

This degree of optimization of your bite can yield a superior level of performance improvements, including gains in agility, strength, balance and range of motion witnessed by professional and world champion athletes operating at peak performance. When ultimate performance is the goal, the Trophy AgilityGuard™ is the answer.

Be BLOWN AWAY with the power of an Optimized bite™ in your Sports performance.